What terms should I offer?

In addition to deciding on a price, there are several other elements in your negotiating strategy that need to be considered before we present your offer. Terms should include the date of the closing, how much earnest money to offer and any contingencies. This is also when you’ll want to make sure that the contract includes a set period of time for your attorney to review the document. In addition, you’ll need to decide what personal property you want to include in the purchase with the home (appliances, window treatments, etc.).

Do I need a home inspector?

Yes. A home inspection allows you to determine the condition of the property you wish to purchase; consequently, allowing for a home inspection should be part of your purchase offer.
A home inspector can also give you advice on required maintenance for your new purchase.
To assist you in selecting an inspector, I will provide you with the names of several quality inspectors who I know to be the very best.


Making an offer

What price should I offer?

Together, we will look at a snapshot that will include information about similar homes that have recently gone under contract or sold in the area and how long they were on the market.

We will also consider:

  • The most up-to-date market data and trends, both nationally and locally. The market changes constantly. Being throughly informed will give you a competitive edge. Knowledge is power!

  • How is the condition of the home.

  • How long has it been on the market.

  • Is the seller highly motivated?

Using that information, we’ll explore several negotiating strategies until we’ve found the solution that best fits your needs and helps us determine a fair offer price.


Am I ready to negotiate?

Once we have completed the purchase contract, we’ll arrange to present your offer to the seller and the seller’s broker. While your initial offer may be accepted or rejected outright, more often than not you will receive a counter-offer. This signals the beginning of negotiations. At this point, the value of having a knowledgeable broker is crucial

Once all parties have arrived at a final price and agreed upon all terms, we’ll make sure that the necessary documentation is complete and appropriate signatures are obtained. We’ll also keep you informed every step of the way.